Text & SMS

What is SMS Marketing?

Business owners are getting in on this cutting edge technology to reach a different clientele than they could with older methods.

What Are Text Message Codes?

With texting at an all-time high, it is incumbent upon businesses to take advantage of the millions of texters in the United States and the world.

Tips for Success

To have a successful marketing campaign, there are many things that need to be done. Start by making it fun.

It's Time to Go Mobile

Mobile Marketing is on the rise.

Mobile marketing is something that is definitely here to stay. Done in the right capacity, it can be a valuable tool that has little cost associated with the millions of people it can reach.

Near Field Communication

Change the way you pay.

Near field communications, otherwise known as NFC, is allowing people to do data exchanges between two devices just centimeters apart.

Take Advantage of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has developed an increased presence into today's society. SMS marketing or Short Message Service is on the rise.